Thursday, 28 June 2012

The Reset Button

Good Morning Blue Sky.

Thank you for this beautiful breezy day.

I have awoken this morning reflecting on the beautiful people in my life...
And how blessed I am to have these souls along side me In this sometimes very strange human experience we are all having.
I love and am deeply grateful for you all!
I am realising that filling my life with people who are positive, authentic, plugged In and fun Is where It Is at for me.
The high vibration that Is sent out by positive energy is intoxicating.
Powerful beyond measure!
I think the opposite vibration Is sent out when  negative thinking and actions are cultivated...and this brings much suffering and discomfort...and boy have I been down that road many times before!
When I shone the light of awareness on this part of me...I knew that If I wanted to experience joy I had to change! I consciously press the reset button when I am aware that I am In a negative thought and Reset my mind to choose a positive thought...and the beautiful thing is that I can do this at any time of the any moment.

Today I set my intention  to cultivate positive and loving thoughts for every living being that I come into contact with!

Universe, may I look for the positive and be released from all negativity...and may I remember that as I think, so I am.

Peace love and Blue Sky.

x Vanessa

Track for the day is by Nicolette Larson
'A Lot Of Love'.
Happy Listening!

Brixie Mumma - photo by me.
And this one too.

Me and Miss Pea.
Photo by Savannah Passmore.

Mandala carpet magic...

Check this...

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