Thursday, 28 June 2012

Today I woke with a heart beaming with gratitude...

I could hear my beautiful partner Dean climbing the three flights of stairs to our loft, with fairy like foot step the rest of the house lay sleeping.

He gently delivers me a warm beverage filled with heart is bursting!

He is always thinking of others...

This beautiful being, my love, my kindness teacher.

Is quite simply out standing!

I look out my window to greet mother earth and thank her for this beautiful day.
The sun is shining In London...and my soul feels alive.
Thank you great spirit.

In this moment all is well...It Is In this moment that I feel my peace generating.
My fears, anxiety and discomfort are always connected to the past or the future?

Today my intention is to not time travel in my mind!

Universe may I be love and may I be kindness...and most of all may I remain connected to your light.
Life is more fun there...

Peace, Love and Light.

x Vanessa

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