Sunday, 16 September 2012

Good Evening Moon Shine Light

Hope you had a lovely weekend...
I have had an awakening! So i thought i would share it with you...
Recently, i have come to realise that when i am in alignment with the Universe...
Every thing seems to flow effortlessly...
Its like i  have a clear and purposeful feeling inside.
And my heart feels full.
But...when things are hard and a battle has become a great way for me to recognise i am not in my is like the Universe is saying "Vanessa, let go!your flowing in the wrong direction."
So i have begun to listen...ourwork and then with all you heartyourselto it. 
Just thought i would share this with you...

Because it feels nice to.

May the week ahead bring you a clear and peaceful mind, an open heart and a crystal clear vision of you life's purpose.

Love and Light to you Lovely Soul.

x V


This beautiful Artwork is by Alison Blickle.

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