Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Take me home...

Hello there...
So change is upon me.
Eeek! My dad has always said to me "there is only one certainty in life and that is change."
I have been living in London for the the past seven months and now i am back in my home town...Coolum Beach.
I must say it's taking a little bit to this move happened sooner than i had anticipated...and the truth is, i have never been that good at change.
But i do believe everything has a divine reason (even if i can't see it at the present moment?)
So I'm hoping time, acceptance, trust and some serious focus on the now is going to bring me the grounding i really need...

This afternoon in an attempt to shake this inner crunchiness...i decided to walk along the beach with my dear friend Sally (she's the fury one in the picture waiting patiently for me to throw her the ball.) 
And my heart just bursted over the beauty of the beach!!! 
I realised how much i have missed the Sun...she shines so brightly here! 
It's been beautiful to be beside the ocean again...i really am so blessed to have this stunning part of the earth to retreat to.Having my feet in the sand, the sunshine on my body and the smell of the salty air is just what my Spirit needs.

It's funny you know...
People say home is were the heart is?
This feels true for me today.
As I'm starting to get the understanding that my home is not in a geographical place...
Home is within me.
So my friends, heres to the journey back home...
Love and Light 

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