Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Earth Connection

Since living in London I have become conscious of connecting with Mother Earth more than ever...
As living in a big city can sometimes create the feeling that I am a universe away from Gaia and her beauty.
But what I have found Is that she Is never really that far away.
She is always there...
Its just the Illusion of separation...because as I look around Mother Earth Is radiating every where!
For me, connection to nature is as essential as drinking water...as communing with her always brings me back to that natural state of being!
It  grounds me... and gently shifts my energy back into feelings of peace and balance.
There are many ways that I commune with her...but one of my favourite ways to feel the earth is to take my shoes off and have free feet... as feeling the earth through my feet grounds me Instantly!
Or lying back like a star on the grass and looking into the sky....
Another favourite is tucking myself into a hedge.

If there is a will there is always a way...

Peace, Love and Mother Earth Connection.

x Vanessa

"Connect with the earth.
Find some place that's very beautiful to you (It could be the park across the street, the beach, the woods) and spend some time there without distractions. Lie down and look at the clouds above you.
It can be very powerful to feel your body against the earth, to feel the energy of the earth connecting with your body. Stand next to a tree and put your hands on it, or hug it and feel the energy of the tree and your body's energy as they connect. Anything that helps you connect with your body and the physical earth will also be that connection to the creative life force."

Shakti Gwain- Handbook for the Spirit.

Check out the great clip below on "Nature Awareness."

Tucking In.

I hope someone found this after i left?

Free Feet!


Check this clip out on Nature Awareness.x

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