Thursday, 5 July 2012

No Place Like Home

Good Morning,

Sweet feathered LoVe dove singing on the train line by my window.

Yes, I'm in Brixton London...

But Ms Mother Nature...your still here!


So...I am all about the Qi and Love flowing in my life...particularly in my home.

As being at home is really one of my favourite places to be...

My experience has taught me that people, places and things can be a great big mirror for what I may need to see within myself..and my home is no exception.
The state of my home really can reflect back to me where my head Is at?
For example If my garden is dying...maybe I am too into my own head and not thinking of others?
And If my space is looking like a cyclone has hit it.. then there is little peace going on inside.
So keeping that in mind...If I want to generate within myself clear, peaceful and loving home should mirror back to me a clean and organised space with beautiful things that reflect peaceful, loving, creative and inspirational vibrations.

Makes perfect sense to me. 

May all our homes be clean and clear and flow with the energy of LOVe. 

Peace, Love and Light.



Some pix from our loft in London.


Our bed and my beloved hat.

I love the trains rolling by...
Om Shanti.

The design of this home is good it hurts!
Mother Nature your outstanding.
 Love love love this room.
Oh!And the magenta coloured walls.
Its all too much...
I once was told Buddhas favourite animal was the cat.
When you think about It...they are always meditating.

Dream catchers are a beautiful Native American tradition.
They protect you from negative dreams...while letting the positive dreams through.
The positive dreams are said to slip through the hole in the centre of the dream catcher and flow down the feathers to the sleeping beauty below.
The negative dreams  get caught up in the web and are dissolved away when the the first rays of sunshine hit the web.

 Pure Elegance.
Pom Pom garden love.
More...Pom Pom garden love.
Marrakesh garden Love.
 Check this beautiful boheme cubby house out.
 It's set up inside as a separate space to retreat to...
I really love this Idea.
 I heart Mushroom Homes.

Tibetan Prayer flags...
Blowing beautiful prayers and mantras of good will and peace
through the wind for all living beings to receive.
How could I not hang these around my home?

Please teleport me...
To this magical house in the forest.

Clear Quartz is known as the "master healer".
It absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy.
I always make sure I have one of these precious ladies in my space...

 To keep It clean and clear.
A friend once said to me that having flowers in your home absorbs
 any negative energy that could be around... 
And that when they die they take the negative energy with them.
I really liked this.
I love flowers in my home.
And this makes them even more special to have around!
Musica you will always be welcome in my home...
 Himalayan Salt Lamps.
These ancient salt sculptures... create negative Ions which help shift any Impurities in the air.
Not only are they great for purification of the home...
 But there so pretty to look at too!
 I Love...
Beautiful scents drifting through my space.
Sai Baba, Nag Champa Is my fav!

Check out track for the day...
"My My Hey Hey."
By Mr Neil Young.

Happy Listening. x

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