Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Sunshiney Day

Hunting and Gathering...
The flowers i gathered...i was going to make a mandala.
But Mother Earth was blowing her beautiful wind.
It was really nice to hear the wind rustle through the trees...
Making a Clover chain...i have been making these since i was a child...so peaceful.
I love seeing how long i can go before they break.

Our lunch... we didn't have any plates so i found some leaves.London has beautiful fruit in the summer time. Raspberries continue to amaze me...there like little soft love cuddles.
Maya Baba says Don't Worry Be Happy...
Dean, Free Feet and a Banana
Nearly all gone...
My Love Radiating...
 "City of Boys"...this is a great collection of short stories.
I picked this up at a second hand shop the other day for  50p.

Thank you Great Spirit for this Beautiful Sunshiney Day.

Om Shanti.x

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